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Start-Up Phase and Pre-Orders – – PLEASE READ ME!

Unitec provides the most responsive order shipping process in the industry.  Please read here.  However, although we are very close to being fully prepared, we are still receiving some of our new inventory and preparing our warehouse and our staff for the transition to the new BOP uniform program.  You should know that we are practically there: all of our uniform items have been approved and manufactured and we are in the process to receiving them even as I type this to you.

So, please be aware that during this program set up period (now through October 15th), order shipment will likely be delayed as Unitec is still in the process of setting up the inventory for this extremely large new program.  Please be aware that your credit card will be charged when you place your order.  We hope that our discounts and free promotional gifts offer a good incentive to place your orders with us during this start-up phase and then wait a short period of time before you receive your new uniforms. We very much appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.