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Our Perfect Fit Promise

Unitec is very pleased to offer the Bureau of Prisons with our exclusive “Perfect Fit Promise”.   Your new uniforms are extremely high quality law enforcement grade – – and they are expensive.  If you want to protect your uniform investment then Unitec’s Perfect Fit Promise is for you.  Only with Perfect Fit Promise are you assured that your uniform complement will fit with the polished look that a professional such as yourself demands.

There are two components to the Perfect Fit Promise:


Facilities will be sent uniform size runs that you may try on before you place your order.  Regardless of whether the size runs were sent to your facility by Unitec or AD Meyers, you may use the sizes that you obtain from the try-on size-runs to order from either vendor.  All of the uniforms, regardless of vendor, have identical and matching size specifications outlined by the Bureau of Prisons.  They are cut on identical patterns.  If your facility has not received a size-run for try-ons, please have your Local Union President contact us at and we will make the necessary arrangements.


If you wish to exchange any of your uniforms for another size, click here.  Select the appropriate order for which to place your Request for Exchange and fill out the form.  Make sure to include what exchange sizes you’d like.  Your Unitec BOP Customer Service Representative will review your Request for Exchange and will correspond with you by return e-mail.  You’ll be sent instructions on how to return your uniforms.  We will ship out your exchanged sizes usually within 24 hours upon receipt of your returned uniforms.  EVEN IF YOUR UNIFORMS HAVE BEEN MODIFIED OR EMBROIDERED WITH YOUR NAME.  This service is available to all BOP individuals even if you placed your orders without using the try-on size runs.  PLEASE TRY ON YOUR NEW UNIFORM BEFORE YOU WASH THEM OR WEAR THEM IN THE FIELD.  We cannot accept exchanges for items that have been washed or worn.  Your Request for Exchange will expire 14 days after we ship your uniforms to you so please try on your uniforms as soon as you get them.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that our Perfect Fit Promise only allows you to exchange your item for the exact same item in a different size.   You may not return an item to exchange for a different style.